City Tour in Munich - culturally and culinary

Lehel's most beautiful side

Start your tour in Munich in Lehel, one of the most attractive areas in the city center of Munich and ideal starting point to discover the sights of Munich. Many attractions and destinations in Munich are within walking distance from Hotel ADRIA München: Up to the 'Haus der Kunst' (house of art) in Munich, the hotel is only 500 m away, the English Garden is also just a short walk away and is ideal for relaxing after a sightseeing trip, with the two most famous beer gardens in Munich - the Chinese tower and the lake house.

Our Hotel ADRIA München team is looking forward to giving you trip recommendations. We hope you have fun discovering the sights of Munich!

Stroll and sights

Especially architecture lovers will enjoy Lehel to the fullest. If we go the Maximilian street out of town, we can see the magnificent building of the Government of Upper Bavaria, the Maximilianeum from 1864.

Beautiful old building facades can be found in almost every street. But the new buildings, as in the Bruderstraße, fit perfectly in the neighborhood image.

Also a must for visitors in Lehel, the St. Anne's Square and the accompanying parish church of St. Anna, which is considered as one of the best examples of historicism in Munich. The writer Lion Feuchtwanger, one of the most widely read German authors of the 20th century, grew up at St. Anne's Place 2. Today, a plaque commemorates the famous resident of Lehel at this address.

A few streets away the GOP variety theater offers comedy and extraordinary acrobatic stage performances. Besides the art of vaudeville, a culinary delight is served that you will never forget.

When it is warm outside, the Munich people like to meet in the English Garden - the green oasis of the city. Here you can relax, enjoy the sun or comfortably sit in the beer garden. At Lunch time, one can quickly find a place in the beer garden around the Chinese Tower. After work, you can witness the typical Bavarian beer garden with a great atmosphere.

At the end of the English Garden one can also meet the world famous surfer from Eisbach. The surfers show their skills to the "standing wave" and are happy about everyone who admires their tricks.

In addition, the Lehel is rich in outstanding museums and cultural institutions. The best known are in the Prinzregenten street. In addition to the Haus der Kunst (house of art), there are also the Bavarian National Museum, the Schack Gallery, the Alpine Museum and the Czech and Polish cultural center.